16.12.2020: Solo Songs, new score and sound: Three Romances, 1. The Sign;  2 .In Love;  3. In Vain

11.11.2020: Go to page: Instrumental music: Fjelltoner – Mountain tunes Suite  Scored for flute and piano.  Comissioned for professor Jørn Schau, University of Agder, Kristiansand, and professor Ewa Murawska, Academy of Music, Poznan, Poland.

22.10.2020: Go to page: Solo songs: A Christmas Prayer. Soundtrack and score.

31.5.2019: Go to page: Instrumental music: Tibiae ludum. Scored for 3 C-flutes. Comissioned for the International Friedrich Kuhlau Competition.

29.1.2019: Go to page: Instrumental music:  Summer memories. Scored for flute quintet

28.1.2019: Go to page: Piano: Valse brillante. Solo piano

3.5.2018: Go to page: Instrumental music: Violin sonata in Romantic Style. (at the bottom of the page). Hommage a Cæsar Franck.

8.12.2017: Go to page: Instrumental music: Trio Concertante (near the bottom of the page). Flute, Clarinet and Piano. New recording from Polish professional musicians. (Names will follow).

1.11.2017: Go to page: Instrumental music: Sonatine – solo flute (at the bottom of the page)


7.3.2017: Go to Page: Instrumental Music – Trio Concertante (a little above the bottom of the page)

3.1.2017: Go to Page: Instrumental Music – 10 miniatures for flute quintet. Recording from European Flute Ensemble: no 1, 3, 5 and 9.

9.11.2016:  Go to Page: Instrumental music – Suite – Dances (the middle of the page) Recording of the European Flute Ensemble, October 2016.

8.11.2016: Go to Page: Instrumental music – Scherzo for three C-flutes. (a little above the bottom of the side)

31.10.2016:  Go to Page:  Instrumental music – Scherzo Polka

26.10.2016: Go to page:  Solo songs – Draumen (Solo and piano – 3 lyrics by Halldis Moren Vesaas)

10.10.2016:  Go to page:  Instrumental music – Trio (Flute, Piano, Cello) – 3 movements (at the bottom of the page)

Professor emeritus in classical composition at University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway