Solo songs

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Lyden er datagenerert og ikke god, men gir et inntrykk (uten tekst). The sound is computer generated and is not good, but gives an impression (without text).

  • Three Romances – Solo (high voice) and piano (E: John Ashford) Datagenerated sound.
    1. The Sign
    2. In Love
    3. In Vain
  • Printed by Norsk Musikforlag /Norwegian Music Company (N.M.O. 11125)
  • A Christmas Prayer – Solo and Organ/Piano (E: John Ashford) Printed by Cantando Musikkforlag /Cantando Music Company (
  • Love-songs – Solo and piano (E: John Ashford). Seven small poems about love and friendship.
    1. Con Amore
    2. The Choice
    3. The Smile
    4. Cognition
    5. A Dream
    6. Heartbrake
    7. Love lost
  • Printed by Norsk Musikforlag /Norwegian Music Company
  • Draumen – Solo and piano (N: Halldis Moren Vesaas). Recording of Thale Jørstad at her examination concert at the university in Trondheim, 2016.
    1. No plantar kvinna (See Page 1-2)
    2. Tre og mold (See Page 1-2)
    3. Tuntre (See Page 1-2)
  • Printed by Norsk Musikforlag /Norwegian Music Company
  • Two Songs – Solo and Piano (Agustin Dentone)
    1. Cloud (See Page 1)
    2. Mystery (See Page 1)
  • Menneskelandskap – Solo og piano (N: Olav Mosdøl)
    1. Venskap
    2. Lauvfall
    3. Vintermorgon i Kviteseid
    4. Snart er det sommar
    5. Røter
  • Vi kom til deg – Solo og piano (N: Eivind Skeie)

Professor emeritus in classical composition at University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway